Welcome to Gold + Palm’s Fragrance Library

Explore our gender neutral, California-inspired scents hand-crafted by our owner, Sabrina. These are the scents that take us back to our favorite moments and memories. 

Gold + Palms Eau de Parfum 

After DarkDREAMY WHITE FLORAL Jasmine , Gardenia, and Oakmoss 
Bare: SOFT + YOU Cashmere, Clean Musk, Iris 
Blk Santal: SEXY + EXPENSIVE Cardamom. Sandalwood 
Cherry Haze: BOOZY+ RICH Candied Cherry, Almond, Vanilla
Citrine Sol: BRIGHT+ WOODY Bergamot, Cedar wood, Musk 
Dark Rose: SULTRY+ ROSE Pink Pepper, Creamed Rose, Sophisticated Vanilla
Deep Woods: COMPLEX + COMFORTING Fir Needle, Oud, Cardamom, Smoke 
Dirty Blonde: SPICED + GROWN Tobacco, Spiced Woods, Vanilla
Lost Night: BRIGHT + DARK Tobacco Leaf, Black Tea, Vetiver 
Nude Peach: JUICY + FRESH Peach Nectar, Patchouli 
Vainilla: SMOKY VANILLA Warm Chestnut, Soft Wood, Smoked Vanilla
Velvet Smoke: DEEP + SMOKY Incense, Rosewood
Viva La Coco: WARM COCO Toasted Coconut, Fruit Cocktail Accord, Sultry Amber


Gold + Palms Eau de Toilette

No. 1 "RENDEZVOUS" Pink Pepper, Rum, Smokey Tobacco, Leather
Passionflower, Soft Vanilla, and Coconut
No.3 "V.I.P." Green Foliage, Lily of the Valley, Amber, Musk
No.4 "EXOTIC NIGHTS" Black Tea Leaves, Fig, Nutmeg and Neroli
No.5 “MOJAVE SPIRIT” Sapodilla, Ambrette, Violet, Warm Cedar, Sandalwood
No. 6 "PINK FLAMBOYANCE" Cloudberry, Violet Leaf, Fresh Smoked Vanilla
No. 7 "SUMMER CRUSH" Toasted Pistachio, Dreamy Vanilla, Creamy Caramel