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Bare Eau de Parfum

Bare Eau de Parfum

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Looking for the perfect personal fragrance? Enhance your aura with Bare Eau de Parfum, a soft, warm, familiar scent that delicately envelops your skin, without being overwhelming. And the best part? It layers beautifully with other scents.

Fragrance Profile:

Notes: Cashmere, Clean Musk, Powdery Iris 

Vibe: You take on the world, confident and unstoppable! They only know you if you let them get close enough. You are Bare—luxurious and exclusive.

The final ingredient to any fragrance is your body’s chemistry. What may smell one way on you may smell differently on someone else— the magic and art of olfactory!


-Handcrafted, Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free, Paraban and Phthalate Free
-Two size options for any fragrance needs. 
*15ml Spray Perfume Bottle, Perfumers Alcohol Carrier
*50ml Spray Perfume Bottle, Perfumers Alcohol Carrier

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