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Viva La Coco Eau De Parfum

Viva La Coco Eau De Parfum

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Fragrance Profile: 

Top: Toasty Coconut, Bergamot
Middle: Tonka Bean, Tropical Fruit Cocktail
Base: Warm Amber, Dreamy Vanilla, Soft Jasmine 

Vibe: Lounging on the beach, waves crashing as your soundtrack. The breeze brings in the sweet scents of the islands with the sun warming them into the perfect intoxicating scented cocktail. 

The final ingredient to any fragrance is your body’s chemistry. What may smell one way on you may smell differently on someone else—the magic and art of olfactory! 

Fragrance Description:

Embrace the summer with our creamy amber coconut fragrance. Our summer perfume is a handcrafted, fragrance for women and men  that you'll want to wear all year long. Spritz her sweet aroma all around the room, on your body and clothes, and keep her in your bag for on-the-go vacations. We call her VIVA LA COCO


-Handcrafted, Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free, Paraban and Phthalate Free
-Three size options for any fragrance needs:
*10ml Rollerball Coconut Oil Carrier, Alcohol Free
*15ml Spray Perfume Bottle, Perfumers Alcohol Carrier
*50ml Spray Perfume Bottle, Perfumers Alcohol Carrier

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