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Deep Woods Eau De Parfum

Deep Woods Eau De Parfum

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Welcome to the California wilderness in bottle—fresh air, pine needles, and a flickering campfire with a glass of wine. If you are into bookish things like we are, this fragrance is inspired by "The House in the Pines" by Ana Reyes, a NY Times Best Seller and Reese's Book Club book of the month. 

Fragrance Profile:

Top: Smoke, Fir Needle
Middle: Sandalwood, Cardamom 
Base: Oud, Vanilla Amber, Tree Sap

Vibe: A chilled night walk through the forest illuminated only by the stars. Warmed by a cashmere sweater holding on to the lingering sweet scent of the cabins roaring fireplace. 

The final ingredient to any fragrance is your body’s chemistry. What may smell one way on you may smell differently on someone else—the magic and art of olfactory! 


-Handcrafted, Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free, Paraban and Phthalate Free
-Three size options for any fragrance needs. 
*10ml Rollerball Coconut Oil Carrier, Alcohol Free
*15ml Spray Perfume Bottle, Perfumers Alcohol Carrier
*50ml Spray Perfume Bottle, Perfumers Alcohol Carrier

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