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Apothecary-Style Candle Matches

Apothecary-Style Candle Matches

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A set of Apothecary-Style Candle Matches to enhance your candle collection. Features a refillable apothecary glass bottle, 3" white matches and striker paper, conveniently affixed to the bottom of each bottle. Perfect for home decor or gifting as party favors, this versatile item is a must-have for any candle enthusiast.

Pair with a Custom Candle or add to a Customized Gift Box.


-3” Safety Matches 
-Match Color: White
-60-70 matches in each bottle
-2.5”x0.375” In Honeycomb pattern Striker on the side of each bottle
-Bottle Dimensions: 5.76”H (with cork including) x 2.625”

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