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Rich Collection Eau De Toilette Discovery Set

Rich Collection Eau De Toilette Discovery Set

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Experience true luxury with our Rich Collection Eau de Toilette Discovery Set. These fragrances defy convention and stand out from the crowd. They are skillfully made, delicate and invigorating, free from overpowering, artificial aromas that may cause discomfort.

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The Rich Collection Eau de Toilette comes with one 2ml atomizer of each of the following scents:

Notes: Pink Pepper, Rum, Smokey Tobacco and Leather.
Low lights, Secret Passwords, Leather Club Chairs and Stiff Cocktails.

Notes: Passionflower, Soft Vanilla, and Coconut
Vibe: Sunshine, Poolside in Palm Springs glistening in coconut lotion. Surrounded by pool toys and pool boys.

No.3 "V.I.P."
Notes: Green Foliage, Lily of the Valley, Amber, Musk
Vibe: Hotel getaway, middle of the afternoon, sun shining and warming the fluffiest white down comforter with you enveloped in the center of it all.

Notes: Black Tea Leaves, Fig, Nutmeg and Neroli
Vibe: Party is over, time to go home. Nope! Let’s keep going til the sun rises!

Notes: Sapodilla, Ambrette, Violet, Warm Cedar and Sandalwood
Vibe: If our desert had a spirit it we imagine it would send this scent wafting the landscape through warm whispering winds. Gives us Warm + Clean luxury body wash and shampoo vibes.

Notes: Cloudberry, Violet Leaf, Fresh Smoked Vanilla
Vibe: Soft and pretty. 

No. 7 "Summer Crush" 
Notes of: Toasted Pistachio, Dreamy Vanilla, Creamy Caramel
Vibe: A love affair between you, the sand and the sun. 

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-Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free

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