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Fall Eau De Parfum Discovery Set

Fall Eau De Parfum Discovery Set

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Our Fall Eau de Parfum Discovery Set, for those who want to try a little bit of every fall-inspired scent that reminds us of California from our Fragrance Library. This set includes 6 of our Californian fall scents, each in a 2 ml spray atomizer. This is an organic, sugar cane perfumer’s alcohol-based sample set. Perfect for gift-giving, self-keeping, or throw some in your bag for on-the-go refreshers. Also great as layering scents.

Fall Eau de Parfum Discovery Set comes with one of each:

-Exotic Nights: Black Tea, Nutmeg, Neroli
-Lost Night: BRIGHT+DARK Tobacco Leaf, Black Tea, Vetiver 
-Vainilla: SMOKY VANILLA Warm Chestnut, Soft Wood, Smoked Vanilla
-Dirty Blonde: Tobacco + Woods + Vanilla 
-Blk Santal: SEXY + EXPENSIVE Cardamom. Sandalwood 

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