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Charcoal Wand Diffuser Set

Charcoal Wand Diffuser Set

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Diffusers are an everlasting way to fill your sanctuary with aromas that set the ambiance + mood you dream of. The dual-purpose charcoal diffusing wand, naturally removes impurities from the surrounding air while also passively diffusing fragrance. We thoughtfully curated fragrances from our 'Rich Collection' for this set. These unique, high-end, luxe fragrances compliment the chic, modern vessel. 

Each Charcoal Wand Diffuser Set includes one of each of the following:

-7oz translucent smoke glass vessel
-1 air purifying charcoal wand
-7oz bottle eau de parfum of your choice

Note: THIS IS A FULL SET. To purchase each piece separately, please see our Charcoal Wand Diffuser Pieces.


No.1 RENDEZVOUS Tobacco + Leather
No.2 POOLSIDE Passionflower + Lily of the Valley + Coconut 
No.3 V.I.P Jasmine + Vanilla + Amber 
No.4 EXOTIC NIGHTS Black Tea + Toasty Fig+  Nutmeg 
No.5 MOJAVE SPIRIT Sapodilla + Cedar + Sandalwood 
No.6 PINK FLAMBOYANCE Cloudberry + Violet Leaf + Smoked Vanilla 
No.7 SUMMER CRUSH Pistachio + Caramel + Vanilla 
No.8 Pure Gold Warm Banana + Clove + Coconut 
OR choose favorites from our scents from our Classic Line by selecting the last option in the drop down. Type your request in the NOTES section at checkout.

Your scent choice is made to order. Please visit our Fragrance Library for more fragrance options.


-Glass Vessel Size: 3.75" h x 4" w/ Fill up to 7 oz. 
-Charcoal Wand Size: 4.7 inches in length, 0.73 inches in diameter

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